Are you in the mood for some crochet fashion? If not, you should be!

Are you in the mood for some crochet fashion? If not, you should be!

The crochet trend of the 70s is back, and it’s everywhere, from the runways to the streets. However, crochet clothing can be see-through, so how do you style it? Here are a few tips.

Teesha is a great example of the new wave of crochet enthusiasts. She is 21 years old and spends most of her time crocheting. During weekdays, she crochets for five hours, and on weekends, she can crochet for up to 15 hours, from morning till midnight.

Despite not having a well-known fashion label, working with a production factory, or seamstresses, Teesha has managed to become a popular crochet fashion creator. This is mainly due to the pandemic, which made crochet a popular lockdown activity across all age groups.

What reinvigorated this once-dated handicraft? According to Teesha, crochet fashion has moved away from shawls and very vintage-looking pieces that it used to be associated with. She began making trendier clothes like mini skirts and crop tops, and more models started wearing crochet items. As a result, many people jumped on the bandwagon to create their items or commission them from creators.

Teesha’s interest in crochet began after her O-level exams in 2024 when she saw a YouTube video on how to make a crochet. She has always had an interest in fashion, particularly niche handmade stuff. She appreciates the effort it takes to tailor a piece of clothing to a person’s liking, perhaps because her faculty used to be a seamstress and taught her how to sew during her classes. From the beginning of her first year, she started sewing simple stuff like clothes.”

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