About Us

About Us

Elpizo is a Digital magazine that can translate over 100 different global languages. It is a monthly fashion and lifestyle magazine with a unique editorial formula. We include Fashion, Lifestyle, Entertainment, Travel, Business, and Food, especially biryani. Unlike news feeds and controversial stuff, we research and cross-check everything that we publish in our articles. Every letter on our feed is trustworthy as our team personally cross-checks and tests them. We use the method of storytelling in our articles that connects our readers more personally and this makes us different from other publishers.

This e-magazine strives to give its best in every issue by creating engaging content. We inspire, inform, and entertain people by creating and updating you with the content that is going around you daily. Elpizo always believes in encouraging new talent. Elpizo is about celebrating people’s achievements and inspiring life stories. We try to bring worthy candidates who are talented yet underrated due for several reasons in society. We try to bring them into the limelight. We concentrate on the common people articles as equal importance as the celebrity articles. This makes us stand out from other magazines.

Elpizo – To look for or hope for the best in everything around us like Fashion, Food, Travel, Business, a Chic style, and many more. Elpizo fashion is all about experimenting with new styles and trends. We always develop new style tips and the most trending designs in the market. Elpizo Travel has its exotic travelogue segments curated by our best editorial team. Elpizo food mainly concentrates on Biryani as our director is a Biryani lover. You can get interesting facts about biryani, tested recipes, and trusted restaurants around the globe. The fun and interesting part is you need not be an English scholar to read our articles. You can translate the whole magazine into your desired and comfortable language with just a single click. Try it out now.

Elpizo is committed to offering premium, inclusive, and equitable content in all our articles and videos. We offer people to be a part of Elpizo by sharing your articles and fun facts with us, which will be published on our feed after the approval. You can get connected with us anytime through our Instagram and Facebook feeds. Elpizo is always more fun, fashion, travel, business, and entertainment.

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