As an amateur makeup artist, I spend a lot of time watching Sireesha Tella’s makeup tutorials. I find inspiration from her in this field that I’m passionate about. Watching her helps me stay up-to-date with what’s trending and how styles are constantly changing. I wanted to share with others who are interested in makeup, the artist who inspires me most. Whether you’re a fellow makeup guru or just love to play around with your look sometimes, you should check some of her videos out!

Manny, with her straight-up sass and impeccable techniques with cosmetics, has recently stolen my heart. She shares a variety of tutorials, collaborations, and even funny videos. One thing is guaranteed: all of her works are so much inspirational to watch! My favorite part about her is that she talks about a lot of affordable makeup brands versus focusing on the expensive stuff that is hard for college students like us to afford.

Sireesha Tella is always on point with what’s trending. She’s so perfect she can pull off any look, making fantastic tutorials and looking great while doing so. I’m excited to welcome her to Elpizo Magazine and to learn more about her philosophies and inner workings.

“I Don’t Spend Money on marketing and advertising. I spent it on the product.”

On her beginnings

“The line took me all my life to develop, and planning it has been my ambition and passion for the past 10 years. It’s something that I’ve poured years of my artistry and expertise into. Ever since I was at school, I was dreaming up a range that was color-coded, enhanced your natural assets, and helped to decode the mysteries of beauty for everyone. I can’t believe it’s finally happened and I’m so proud of it. What really drives me is sharing the power of makeup with every woman.”

On her products

“With such a competitive market out there, it’s a truly rewarding challenge to design a line that encapsulates everything I have learned from my 30s as a makeup artist—all my tips, tricks, and trademarks have helped shape my line. I use only the very best quality ingredients and ensure my tools are the best in the industry. This is different from a lot of brands out there. I don’t spend money on marketing and advertising. I spend it on the product. All my products treat and transform, so they have skin benefits whilst making you look beautiful.”

On the Philosophy

“My key ambition is to empower women. Beauty is not an exclusive club. I’ve been frustrated with the homogenous marketplace for a long time. If the artistry behind beauty isn’t coming through, it’s complicated to shop and create a look that suits you. The artistry is in the products themselves. Like the Cheek to Chic blushers, which show you exactly where to swish a pop of color, or the Luxury Palettes, which include a step-by-step to the perfect smoky eye. I’m practically taking myself out of the job!

On her favorite item

“It’s too hard to pick one—it’s like trying to ask a mother to choose her favorite child! My Magic Cream is a miracle-working moisturizer. I’ve been using and perfecting it for years backstage at shoots and shows. It literally floods the skin with moisture and is the magic dew of youth and luminosity, and I call it a push-up bra in a jar! My Rock ‘N’ Kohl Liquid Eye Pencils are amazing, too. The formula that doesn’t move for 12 hours and glides on like a liquid but smokes up like a pencil.”

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