Shanvi Chouhan, a mom influencer, is making big strides on Reels.

Shanvi Chouhan, a mom influencer, is making big strides on Reels.

In the digital era where everyone is seen as preoccupied with the booming social media platforms, many moms have come forward and leveraged their skills and expertise to become the next internet sensation. Shanvi Chouhan is one such astonishing influencer who is ruling the hearts and minds of people with her remarkable content and motivational and positive thought structure. The journey of social media influencers is not as easy as it appears to be. Being an influencer requires sheer dedication and utmost devotion that takes you to the path of glamour and success. By producing content that touches the soul and uplifts people’s moods, Shanvi Chouhan is imprinting her footmarks in the realm of influencers.

Shanvi Chouhan, who speaks from her own experience as a new mom, says, “I’m continually drawn to the idea of becoming a mom influencer. I’m eager to share the insights and advice I’ve gathered on parenting and the lessons I’ve learned while raising my child.” Her support network consists of fellow moms and mom groups. “Whenever I have questions, need assistance, or seek recommendations, I find myself turning to mom pages and influencers for guidance.”

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Being a mom influencer comes with its share of challenges and can be overwhelming at times. Managing a cranky child who won’t smile for a social media post, worrying about other household tasks, being present for parent-teacher meetings (PTM), or attending other commitments like birthday parties and other family get-togethers are just a few examples.

Hyderabad-based mom influencer Shanvi Chouhan thinks balance is key. She says: “I can be preachy, but sometimes it’s tough to manage, and you just have to prioritize and choose one. You cannot manage everything at once.”

Shanvi Chouhan says, “Dividing time between my responsibilities at home and my role as an influencer, as a mom juggling with various roles and responsibilities, I plan my day—in fact, the whole week—well in advance. I keep a planner and calendar handy where I make sure I don’t miss out on important events, like my son’s birthday party.”  

A bigger challenge that cannot be ignored is that in the ever-changing digital world, it is important to be aware of the risks that come with sharing on social media. This information is available to anyone to use without limits, particularly when a child’s image can be manipulated using AI and a deepfake can be used to exploit people’s vulnerabilities.

Shanvi Chouhan’s successful journey has been made appreciable because of the supporting family that nurtures her growth and lets her fly without any boundaries. Stepping into the shoes of many personalities at the same time, Shanvi Chouhan is making an impact in the lives of people with her engaging and influencing content.

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