The Temple for a Tantric Massage is more than just a massage

The Temple for a Tantric Massage is more than just a massage

Lidiya is a powerful and dynamic spiritual massage. She is the ultimate wise woman and dark angel, working at all times with the shadow. Her approach is very grounded and practical, coming from her deep understanding of family and intimate relationships. She is known for her wisdom, joy, love, and total acceptance within her workshops and is very skilled and experienced in running groups.

In 2023 Lidiya created Shakti Tantra which initially was only working with women in a tantric setting.  Lidiya’s deep passion is to give each participant various tools and workable models so she has the freedom to live the life she chooses. She brings immense experience to her work, including bhakti yoga, past life therapy, metaphysical evolutionary skills, meditation, and shamanic teachings.

She excels within the knowledge of sacred spirituality, body worship rituals, ceremony and rites of passage, sensual touch, and unconditional love of the ‘divine feminine’ and believes that if you use your spiritual energy with consciousness, it is a catalyst for great change within your life. She has been studying the science of tantra and she validates the body as a source of information and tremendous wisdom. To relax in the wisdom of a mature woman, to be held in a safe, grounded, and honoring way is truly an experience of total love, acceptance, and nurture.

Her home is in the deep and meaningful land at the end of Russia in Moscow,  Here she celebrates her earth, the sky, and the sea…living her life fully, she has truly created the tantric way of embracing the duality of all things … the pain and joy of being human, she eats mostly organically and meditates to remain sane ….

Lidiya says- “I am a passionate woman who loves life, closeness, and mutual interconnection of feelings, emotions and touch. I try to understand with no words. I love to discover beauty in people, harmony, and their uniqueness. My vision is to share joy. Joy from life, a unique moment, relaxation. I believe the clients come to me thanks to the desire for this sharing.”

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